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Privacy noctice

Privacy notice


This privacy notice governs the processing ofpersonal data by Promologistics, S.A. deC.V., known commercially as "Promologistics", to which we willrefer hereinafter under this denomination, with address at Av. Constituyentes No. 908, Col. Lomas Altas, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, C.P.11950, in Mexico City in its capacity as Responsible, which will treat thepersonal data that concerns you as the owner of your personal data, in order toprotect your privacy and your right to informative self-determination, asprovided for the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals(the "LFPDPPP”),its Regulations and the Guidelines of the Privacy Noticeissued by the Ministry of Economy (the "Regulations").


For the purposes of this Notice, the definitions ofthe terms "Personal Data", "Sensitive Personal Data","Days", "Treatment", "Data Subject","Responsible", "Transfer", "ARCO Rights" –"Right of Access", "Right of Rectification", "Right ofCancellation", "Right of Opposition"; "Cookies", aswell as the other elements provided for in the Notice will have the samemeaning as that attributed in the previously indicated Regulations.


In Promologistics we collectand process the personal data indicated below:
a)      Identification Data:
Name, surname, photograph,digital fingerprint, IFE (voter registration identification), CURP number (UniquePopulation Registry Key) and signature.

b)     Data for video surveillance:
Photographic and/or videoimages (if applicable).

c)      General information:
Full Address, either homeaddress or work, personal or work e-mail; personal or work telephone number;Cellular Phone number.

d)     Work data:
Place of work, position,seniority, form of payment, salary corresponding to the holder and their spouseor person with whom they live (if applicable).

e)      Fiscal data:
Federal Taxpayers Registrycode, as well as your tax domicile and tax regime (if applicable).

f)       Data linked to bank accounts, credit and/or debit cards:
Name of the account holder, account number and bankof origin, CLABE/IBAN (if applicable); card number; card expiration date,card type and security code. 

g)      Property data:
Car data, credits andincome.

h)     Sensitive personal data:
At Promologistics we do notcollect or process sensitive personal data from you.

i)        Personal data from sources of public access and received viaconsented transfers:
Data from public records,directories, social networks and other lawful sources available on the market,as well as personal data that has been shared with us by third parties to whomyou have previously authorized.

j)        Personal data of third parties:
Identification and contactdata, including, name, work landline number and/or cell phone number and emailaddress, to request business references from you, including information aboutyour payment behavior and history.

Data from automatic datacapture tools and publicly accessible sources

k)      Personal data collected by automatic data capture tools onPromologistics websites
Data about the type ofbrowser you use, language you use, means of identifying the session with ourwebsites, your password to access the Promologistics website, access times, IPaddress, browser type and operating system of the computer system or device youuse to access the Promologistics website, interaction with our emails and ourwebsite.

l)        Personal data that is part of an automated decision-makingprocess:
Promologistics does not useyour Personal Data with automated decision making processes without humanintervention. 

m)   Personal data from sources of public access and received viaconsented transfers:
Data from public records,directories, social networks and other lawful sources available on the market,as well as personal data that has been shared with us by third parties to whomyou have previously authorized.

n)     Personal data from social networks:
Promologistics may collectand process personal data and information that you shared on social networks(such as Facebook® and Twitter®, among others), including information that youhave shared as "public", as provided by the terms and conditions ofuse and their policies and statements.

The personal data describedin the aforementioned paragraphs of this section are collected through: i) theuse of printed formats or documents; ii) the use of emails and / or iii)the use of publicly accessible sources and other sources available on themarket iv) by the use of the Promologistics website.


In Promologistics we treatyour personal data in order to carry out the activities and procedures focusedon complying with the obligations originated and derived from any commercialand / or legal relationship that we establish with you and that we considerprimary purposes, which include:

a)      Monitor and control your physical access to Promologisticsfacilities and stores;
b)      Allow access to our website;
c)       Carry out video recording of activities;
d)      Manage security incidents;
e)      Allow the management, administration and safety of your personaldata;
f)       Maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards of personaldata in terms of legislation and regulation;
g)      Prove your identity and verify the information you provide tous;
h)      Request, buy, rent, exchange, or return products;
i)       Manage the businessrelationship with you;
j)       Keep your record on ourcustomer database;
k)      Manage your payments, as well as the guarantees contained inamounts receivable;
l)       Manage invoices or digitaltax receipts;
m)   Prepare quotes;
n)      Provide you with product information;
o)      Integrate your file, assign you an identification number andgenerate your profile;
p)      Request delivery, repair or warranty compliance of products;
q)      Comply with contractual obligations, and
r)       Judicial or extrajudicial recovery of any type of debts. 

Additionally, we willprocess your personal data for other secondary purposes, which do not give riseto or are necessary for the legal and / or commercial relationship that weestablish with you, which include:

A)     Contact Customer Service;
B)      Manage your purchase history and other operations;
C)      Share your comments, suggestions, complaints and clarificationsabout our products;
D)     Evaluate the quality of our products through variousinstruments, including surveys;
E)      Implement activities aimed at promoting, maintaining andimproving our products;
F)      Send notifications of offers, notices and / or advertising,promotional, commercial prospecting or marketing purposes, in print andelectronic media;
G)     Use the different services of their corresponding Websites;
H)     Carry out marketing and promotional activities in general;
I)       Conduct statistical andmarket analysis, and
J)       Keep our records up to dateto invite you to events.


For the purposes of the provisions of theRegulations, through this channel it is declared: i) That this Notice has beenmade known to you by Promologistics prior to the collection and / or processingof your personal data, ii) that you have read, understood and agreed to theterms set forth in this Notice for the collection and processing of yourpatrimonial data and / or, financial, therefore, in case of providing them, itwill include your name and signature at the bottom of this document and / orthe simplified privacy notice. The foregoing, based on the Articles 8 and 9 ofthe LFPDPPP, as well as articles 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 of the Regulations, withoutprejudice to the cases of exception provided in articles 10 and 37 of theLFPDPPP, that empower us to treat your personal data and transfer them in orderto comply with our obligations in legal, contractual terms, or by virtue of thelegal relationship, present and/or future that we have or will have with you. 

For the collection,processing and transfer of your personal data, other than financial orpatrimonial, you will provide us with your tacit consent under the terms ofthis Notice by not objecting or opposing its content within 48 hours after yourpersonal data are collected and this notice has been made available to you bydifferent means, including publication on our Website.


Promologistics may use yourpersonal data to offer you promotions of other products of other companies ofthe Promologistics Commercial Group, which are related to the products that youhave rented or acquired or expressed interest in, being such purpose notessential for the fulfillment of the legal relationship with you, which you mayobject to within a period of 5 days following the date on which your personaldata have been processed by Promologistics.

The third parties receivingyour personal data are obliged by virtue of the corresponding contract tomaintain the confidentiality of the personal data provided by Promologisticsand to comply with this Notice.

Promologistics may transferyour personal data to the companies listed in the following table:


At all times you have the right to access, rectifyand cancel your personal data, as well as to oppose the processing thereof orto revoke your consent regarding the processing for certain purposes -including secondary purposes - that you would have authorized at the time,either directly or through your legal representative. If you choose to do sodirectly, you can do so through the procedures we have implemented. To learn moreabout these procedures, requirements and deadlines and to assert, if applicable,the aforementioned rights, you may visit Promologistics' facilities or send ane-mail to the following address protecciondedatos@promologistics.com.mx submit the corresponding request using the forms that we willmake available to you through our Privacy Officer via e-mail, with theinformation and documentation indicated below: 

1.      Your full name, address orother means – such as your email – to communicate the response to your request;
2.      Documents that prove youridentity - simple copy in printed or electronic format of your voter'scredential, passport or Visa, as applicable, or if applicable, of the legalrepresentation to your principal - simple copy in printed or electronic formatof your simple power of attorney with your autograph signature, that of twowitnesses and the agent, with their corresponding official identifications -voter's credential, passport or Visa)
3.      A clear and precisedescription of the personal data with respect to which it seeks to exercise anyof the ARCO rights; and
4.      Any other item or documentthat facilitates the location of personal data. 

In the case of requests foraccessing personal data, Promologistics will proceed with the delivery of yourinformation, via electronic or printed means, upon accreditation of youridentity or that of your legal representative, as applicable.In the case of requests forrectification of personal data, you must also indicate the modifications to bemade and provide the documentation supporting your request.

Promologistics will respondwithin a maximum period of twenty days from the date on which they receive yourrequest for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, the decisionthey adopt, so that, if appropriate, it becomes effective within fifteen daysfrom the date on which they communicate their response. In all cases,Promologistics' response will be given to you by the means you have chosen whensubmitting your request, or if applicable, by any other means previously agreed.The aforementioned periods may be extended only once for an equal period, aslong as this is justified by the circumstances of the case, as provided in theLFPDPPP.

The delivery of personaldata will be free of charge, you will only have to cover the justified shippingcosts or the cost of reproduction in copies or other formats. In the event thatyou reiterate a request in a period of less than twelve months, you must coverthe corresponding costs in terms of the LFPDPPP, unless there are substantialmodifications to the privacy notice that motivate new consultations.For the reception,registration, attention and response to requests to exercise your ARCO rights andother rights under the LFPDPPP, we provide you with the Privacy Officer, whocan be contacted at the offices indicated in section 8, or by email.In the event that the information provided in yourrequest is erroneous or insufficient, or if the corresponding supportingdocuments are not provided, we may request you, within five days of receipt ofyour request, to provide the elements or documents necessary to process it. Youwill have ten days to respond, counted from the day after you receive it. If noresponse is given within this period, the corresponding request will beconsidered as not submitted.


For any questions you may have regarding theprotection of your personal data, please contact our Privacy Officer at: Av.Constituyentes No. 908, Col. Lomas Altas, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11950, inMexico City, or via email to: protecciondedatos@promologistics.com.mx.


Promologistics will keepyour personal data for as long as it is necessary to manage the commercialand/or legal relationship with you, as well as to keep the records required bythe LFPDPPP, its Regulations, the applicable commercial, administrative and taxlegislation.

The personal data collectedby Promologistics is protected by adequate administrative, technical andphysical security measures against damage, loss, alteration, destruction orunauthorized use, access or processing, in accordance with the provisions ofthe LFPDPPP and its Regulations.

To limit the use and disclosure of your personaldata, please send an email to our Privacy Officer at protecciondedatos@promologistics.com.mx notifying us of your request. 

You may also opt out of our email distribution listby sending an email to our Privacy Officer. You can also register in the PublicRegistry of Consumers of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (http://rpc.profeco.gob.mx) to avoid receiving telephone calls with advertisingcommunications, promotions and/or other product offers.


Promologistics may collectpersonal data through its website, or through the use of automatic data capturetools. Among the automatic data capture tools used by Promologistics on itswebsites are cookies, Web beacons, and links in emails.Useof Cookies.- The proper functioning of the Promologistics websites requires theenabling of "cookies" in your Internet browser. "Cookies"are small data files transferred by the website to the hard drive of yourcomputer or mobile device when you browse our websites. In most browserscookies are automatically accepted by virtue of their default settings, you canadjust your browser preferences to accept or reject cookies. Disabling cookiesmay disable various features of the Promologistics Websites or may not displaythem correctly. If you prefer to delete cookies, you can delete the file at theend of each browser session. 

These cookies can bedisabled. To learn how to do it, you can refer to the following link orelectronic address:

Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/es-MX/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies

Google Chrome: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=es&hlrm=en&answer=95647

Useof Web beacons.- also known as Internet tags, pixel tags and clearGIFs- NextCloud may use Web beacons, alone or in combination with cookies, on itswebsites and in its HTML-formatted emails to collect information about the useof the Websites and your interaction with email. The Web beacon is anelectronic image, called a single pixel (1 × 1) or GIF that can recognizeinformation that is processed on your computer, such as cookies, the time anddate the site and its sections are displayed. Linksin emails from Promologistics.- Emails that include links that allow
Promologisticsto know if you have activated said link and visited the destination web page,and this information may be included on your profile.
 Protectionof minors, persons in a state of interdiction or incapacity:

Promologistics does notcollect or process personal data of minors, persons in a state of interdictionor incapacity and encourages parents and/or guardians to take an active role inthe online activities of their children and/or represented. In the event thatPromologistics considers that the personal data has been provided by a minor,an incapable person or in a state of interdiction, in contravention of thisNotice, we will proceed to eliminate such personal data as soon as possible. Ifyou are aware that such personal data has been provided by a person under 18years of age, or by an incapacitated person or in a state of interdiction,please send us an email to: protecciondedatos@promologistics.com.mx


Promologistics reserves the right to update thisNotice in order to reflect changes in our data protection practices derivedfrom our continuous improvement process, as well as legal, regulatory andadministrative changes that take place. We encourage you to review the contentof the Privacy Notice on our website on a periodic basis for any updates orchanges made together with the date of the last update.


In order to give yourexpress consent for the data processing described in this Privacy Notice, weask you to please sign this document and/or the Simplified Privacy Notice andsend it to our Privacy Officer, or press the button of I accept in thecorresponding section of the dialog window on our website.Herebyand through the use of the Website of Promologistics, SA de C.V. ( https://promologistics.com.mx/ ) you expressly consent to the collection, processing,treatment, transfer and use of the personal data described in this PrivacyNotice.

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